Construction and a sense of entitlement

Scott and I live in a condo building built in the late 70s and completed around 1979/1980 in Etobicoke.  As such, the building has gone through a number fixes since we’ve lived here in 5 years.

The biggest project to date is the repair to the parking garage under the ground.  This involves completely scraping up all of the parking surfaces above ground, some of the park as well.  The project is being completed in three phases with the first two phases complete.

During each phase, owners have had to vacate the garage and park on the road, or if lucky, in visitor spots.

I’m noticing a sense of entitlement building up as owners duke it out for parking space in the visitor lot so they don’t have to park their car on the road including

  • People sitting and waiting for a parking space to open
  • People parking their cars in non-parking spot places including fire routes.

Scott and a friend of ours noticed an Audi in the parking lot with a $250 parking ticket.

Now, I admit, after tomorrow when we pick up the new car, I want to ensure the car is going to be safe, not going to be in an accident, scratched all to hell, etc…  But I’m not going to sit in the parking lot waiting for spots to open and I’m sure as heck not going to park in a fire route.

I accept that the construction is happening, I know it will increase the value of the building, and it’s necessary.  Having a sense of entitlement and an inflated ego because you’re feeling like you’re inconvenienced is not.  All of us have had to deal with the construction at some point.

As far as I’m concerned – shut up and deal. It’s going to take about three months to finish the project.

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