MINI: LED Adaptive Headlights

So, MINI doesn’t always do a good job of explaining options and one is the Adaptive Headlight Functionality. An example is here, although using Xenon rather than LED:

The lights follow the curve of the road based on your steering which is cool.

Here is what you’ll find on BMWs:

Theirs will actually re-angle the lights if there’s oncoming traffic, if you’re driving up behind someone. Very cool!

MINI’s are definitely more limited. Here is what they provide from the website:

Dark, winding roads have nothing on a MINI. Our optional LED headlamps feature an auto-levelling system that adjusts their angle based on your MINI’s speed and weight. And with the cornering lights upgrade, your MINI’s Adaptive Headlights react to your steering and “turn with you”, thereby illuminating what’s coming around the bend.

Fair enough. 🙂

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