Noche de la Nostalgia

It’s you’re night to get up and dance Uruguay!

As described at this blog:

Noche de la Nostalgia is a night to stay out late and have fun dancing to the music clichés of the past. Some Noche de la Nostalgia classics are Total Eclipse of the Heart (1983) by Bonnie Tyler and YMCA by the Village People.

Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve all come during the summer in Uruguay. Noche de la Nostalgia provides a holiday celebration to look forward to during the middle of winter.

I’m not sure what my plans are for tonight.  I’ve been, once again, a bit of a hermit here in Uruguay, and I almost wonder how easy it would be to get a taxi tonight to go to a bar right in Montevideo.  In some respects, I wish I had a car, but we know how that worked out, down here – and with a bunch of people partying, etc…

That said, I do hear the police are WAY strict on drunk driving down here – and that is a good thing, given how people drive here.

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