X3: An Update

So, despite the fact that the car went into ‘Production’ as in BMW’s code 150, that didn’t mean it was being built at Plant Spartanburg – yet.  It more or less means that the just-in-time components are in the process of being built

Talking to BMW directly, it turns out that the X3 is scheduled for actual production, meaning assembly at Plant Spartanburg, during week 49.

The week of December 4th to 9th – assuming a 6 day week, with Sunday being a shutdown.

It’s pretty much in line with what I said in my last post on November 22nd. I figure the car will be a mid-week build with assembly being completed on December 6th as a guess.

This means the car is shipped by Friday, taking two weeks means arriving December 22nd, just in time for Christmas.

Interestingly, talking to the business manager, she actually said that she was going to put a rush on the vehicle because she wanted us to have it before Christmas.  Mainly because she’s on holiday from the evening of the 22nd through to January 2nd.  This wasn’t my specific request, but it’s appreciated.

So we’ll see.  I have no idea what a rush delivery actually means.  Does that mean we could have it by the 18th because rush means one week delivery?  We’ll see what happens.

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