Howdy and welcome to my corner of the Internet. It’s about time my webpage went through a massive overhaul isn’t it.

I was originally born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, leaving in 1979 for the big city of Toronto. I grew up here, more or less, and left for 5 years starting in 1993 where I lived in Ottawa; Norwich, England (studied at the University of East Anglia) and Frankfurt, Germany going to school where I graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science from Carleton University. I returned back to Toronto in 1997. where I live partnered 13 years to my partner Scott.

Through my professional career, I’ve held a number of positions – Web Designer for Feedback Communications (I was the original and first web developer for 808 State, a band based in Manchester, England – think Cubik and Pacific from the ’90s rave scene), QA and Software Developer with Nortel Networks and iFire Technology, Implementation Consulting for Reserve America (The Active Network), and now I am with NetSuite as an Application Architect.

I love travel – UK, Wales, United States, Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand. I’ve been to over twenty-five states in most regions of the United States, and have two more provinces to visit (New Brunswick and PEI) in Canada.

I love music – Check out my music project at www.polyatomic.ca

I love games – I still have a Commodore 64, several Amigas, a Dreamcast and a Playstation 3. I had an XBox 360 and a Wii, previously and traded them in.

I am a geek – While I don’t spend hours and hours writing code, I have been tinkering with graphics and games development, web development (JavaScript, GWT). I’ve not written anything of significance but I am ramping up again.