Air Canada menus for FlyerTalk

Air Canada Rouge – SFO > YVR in August 2014.

I love the Cappuccino Cake, so pass it over if you don’t want it. 😉

Air Canada – YYZ > SCL in Executive First, 2012

Air Canada – YYZ > SCL in Economy, June 2012

I think the oddest looking chicken dish on a flight.  This was the start of my 7 weeks living in Uruguay for work.


Air Canada – YYZ > SCL or SCL > YYZ in Economy, July 2012


Air Canada – LGA > YYZ in Executive First, October 2010
This was the first time I had ever received an Op-up due to the number of people on the plane being fewer than the number of seats in Executive First.  This was quite the cool trip having attended an event hosted by the company I work for at the New York Stock Exchange.

I kid you not, Air Canada actually flew the plane rather than cancelling the flight. It was fantastic and much appreciated. Here is a picture of the cheese tray.



Air Canada – SFO > YYZ in Executive First, November 2010.

I LOVE the ice cream and cookies in Executive First.  It’s one of the things I look forward to when flying Air Canada, although they now only give you one cookie. *pouts*


Air Canada – ORD > YYZ in Executive First, November 2012

I tend to eat a lot of fish and chicken when I fly.

Air Canada – MEX > YYZ in Economy, January 2012

This was on my way back from Nicaragua, visiting my cousin.  I had forgotten I can had connected through Mexico City.  Also check out the food on TACA.

Air Canada – YYZ > SFO in Executive First, July 2012

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge – YYZ International – August 2012

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge – YOW Domestic – December 2012

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge – YYZ Transborder – October 2013

I used this lounge a lot, along with the YYZ Domestic lounge.  Food is some of the best at a lounge in North America (could be better and has been improving), I’m glad for the free-pour drinks.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge – YYZ Transborder – October 2014

Not much to show here, I’ll have to get some breakfast pictures.  The lounge offers yogurt, breads, and hard boiled eggs in the morning.  I am not sure if they are offering the cheese omelettes like they do at YVR and YYZ Domestic lounges.

The omelette picture was taking from my most recent trip to Portland from the YYZ Domestic lounge.


Air Canada – YYZ > DEN in Executive First, July 2013

First sighting of the Cappuccino Cake!

Air Canada – YYZ > YVR in Executive First, April 2014



Air Canada – YVR > YYZ in Economy April 2015

I am a sucker for Air Canada’s beef sandwich in Economy.  It used to be a pulled beef sandwich that was totally addictive, and I wish they didn’t take it off the menu.

More recently they replaced that sandwich with a beef and smoked meat sandwich which is on-par with  the pulled beef sandwich.

Early on in the diet I started last October, I would just eat the middle of the sandwich and not the bun.  An FA asked if there was a problem, “No, I can’t eat the bun with the diet I’m on”.  More recently I’ve said screw it with the diet and, well, yes I ate the chocolate bar (love the Lindt Swiss Classic) and the salted Cashews.

I still managed to lose weight at 7lbs for the three week period.



The sushi option is not bad either although heavy on the rice.  I am not a fan of the chicken or vegetarian wrap offering on Air Canada.


And to conclude this blog entry, some vintage tails from 2000 – YYZ Terminal 2, the old Aeroquay Terminal 1 and YVR.  Check out the old Canadian airlines fin, and that hybrid Canadian/Air Canada plane.

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