Amiga CD32

Forget Nintendo WiiUs, Sony PlayStation 3s and XBox 360s; I’ve just ordered myself on of these –

I bought one in the UK 17 years ago, brought it back and then a few years later, sold it due to needing the money as I was finishing school.

I’ve wanted to replace it ever since.  I was lucky enough to find one – an NTSC version no less – on Amazon and promptly purchased it.  Hopefully in about 10 days it will be here in Toronto and I’ll either pick it up before we leave for BC or I’ll get it after.

And that completes my collection of Amiga CD units.  I already have a CDTV that I picked up several years ago – my second as the first had a similar fate to my CD32.  Yes, had to sell it to pay bills.

I used the CD32 as a CD ROM drive hooked up to my Amiga 3000.  At the time, many Amiga magazines were shipping with CD ROMs of software rather than 3.5in floppies so you needed some way to read those discs.

CD32 software can be easily found, but the actual hardware units have been proven to be difficult.  They were really only popular in the UK, with Canada as a secondary market.  They never sold in the US except imported from Canada.

Roughly a year after it’s release, over 19 years ago, Commodore would go bankrupt.

And that, in fact, was my very first games console.  The Dreamcast was a second, and GameCube third.

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