And so it begins…

Scott and I picked up, or had dropped off, our new stove and fridge.  The first step in the kitchen renovation.  Yup, we’re going at it again with the next renovation… our kitchen.

I think we have the original cabinetry from when this condo was built in late 1978/1979.  Between that and the bathroom, those were the two rooms we didn’t paint or do anything with because we knew they needed to be renovated.

Once again, we’re going to use ATD Contracting from Oakville, who did our bathroom; as well as numerous co-workers – having redone kitchens, and almost redesigning major portions of homes, etc…  We know they do great work.

So what are we doing with the Kitchen?

  • New cabinets
  • New lighting – Thinking up to 4 pot lights, and possibly lighting under the cabinets
  • New painting
  • Pulling back the wall by the fridge
  • Tearing down the wall and putting in a breakfast nook with cabinetry
  • Putting in an undercounter dishwasher
  • Over the fridge cabinets
  • Over the stove cabinets and a hanging microwave with integrated fan
  • Water service to the fridge for the ice maker
  • Possibly replacing our electrical panel since we have to do electrical work anyway, let’s do it at the same time.

This is pretty exciting because we’ll gain so much more space with the microwave moved and standalone dishwasher removed, and space to put stuff.

For the cabinetry, we may be going with Cuisines Laurier – a Quebec-based company that does excellent cabinetry.  Specifically, their Laurier Lite cabinets are a mid-range and very good solid cabinet, and Canadian made.

Biggest lesson so far – how relatively cheap granite counter tops are these days relative to other kinds of counters.

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