As it goes…

The kitchen renovation is delayed… and through no fault of our contractor.

There’s part of me that wants to laugh, and part of me that’s just shaking my head.  So, early on we had problems with the cabinet colours.  The colour we wanted, in combination with the wood we wanted came out much darker than what we actually wanted so back to the drawing board on the cabinets.  We got through that.

Aparently, we ordered, and got, the last two pieces of Caesarstone 9140 Charcoal to be made in Canada.  It was PERFECT.  Until this week when, on the day our cabinets were going in, our contractor got a call.  Caesarstone smashed one of the two pieces we needed to make our counter top.  WTF?  Our contractors were more angry than we were.  Yes, we were pretty disappointed as it was *the* colour we wanted.

So after getting the templating done, we were told that we actually needed two pieces of the Caesarstone and we couldn’t do it with just one.  DOH!

So back to the drawing board.  We already had another Caesarstone picked – 6140 Smokey Ash.  But checking the other vendors that Stone Edge, our fabricator has access to – we also looked at Silestone and Hanstone which had quartz more similar to the Caesarstone 9140.

We ended up picking up Ebony Pearl from Silestone.

*shakes head*

Yup, we’re delayed, through no fault of our contractor’s.


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