As with any renovation…

CToldnewwithGiottoAs with any renovation, there are always challenges.

Our challenge has been – what colour to go with?  Wait, didn’t you pick your cabinet colour?  Yes we did, however the cabinet maker came back and showed us that relative to the sample we had, what we actually would have gotten is much darker than we wanted.  This is mainly due to the wood changing, and what part of the tree is used.

Cherry can range quite a bit from dark to light – and in the stain and you have a whole new variable.  As a result, a darker cabinet.

So back to the drawing board we went, and admittedly such a pain. We had our heart set on the cabinet colour we wanted, and every time we looked at the colour we picked relative to others and not realizing what it was, both Scott and I were drawn back to the original colour.

So we didn’t go with “Copper Tray” on Cherry, but now we’re going with “Giotto Brown” on Maple.  It’s deeper and redder, and the picture above doesn’t quite do it justice.  In person the colour looks great.  It will mean a slightly darker kitchen, but it works.

This also means a delay in the start of the kitchen renovation by two weeks which sucks as the condo has already been in a bit of shambles as we start moving things out of the kitchen and we have another 5 weeks of this.  That said, I know we will get through it.

First step will be tearing out the old cabinets, tearing down the walls and rewiring the electrical.  I’m looking forward to this.

Ultimately, I am looking forward to getting this all completed.  I know Scott is too.

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