Battle of the synth pop bands

I am a huge Pet Shop Boys and Erasure fan.   I would have said that I’m much more of a Pet Shop Boys than Erasure – but I think, after last night, I’m now much more of an Erasure fan.

Alright, so it doesn’t have to be a battle of the bands.  Neil and Chris may be a bit more ‘refined’ at one level – very ‘classic’ and ‘polished’.  I appreciate Andy and Vince being, almost, more blue collar and accessible relatively speaking.

I like knowing what Vince has in his sonic arsenal and learning from him through various interviews and articles.  I can’t say Chris has done the same or in as much detail.

Neil’s voice versus Andy?  Andy is considerably more dynamic, but I do love that nasal deadpan sound of Neil’s voice.

Anyway – either way, I still love both bands and I’ll invest in their music by purchasing their albums.

If you can get to see either band, especially Erasure as they tour for Tomorrow’s World, do so!

Erasure - Tomorrow's World in Toronto

Erasure - Tomorrow's World in Toronto


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