Big bang

Yup… Tomorrow is the big bang, aka demolition day for our old kitchen.  Finally!  The day is here.

But true to form, ‘big bang’ also has another connotation for Scott and I.   We never seem to do anything simple.

We’re adding on a renovation to our laundry room as well.  Why?  Well, see, we got an awesome deal on a Samsung washer and dryer.  Problem is, the plug for the dryer is very close to the ground stopping us from stacking the units.  And we were counting on stacking the units.  So why not move the electrical plug this week with all the electrical work to be done in the kitchen, plus replacing our electrical panel.

At the same time the tiler is here working on the kitchen, why not tile the laundry room?  Same with painting?

And on top of all that, our new washer is leaking out the front door and needs to be services – and I know it’s not due to user error.

The stress of the renovation has been quite something.  Trying to figure out what faucet we want, paint colours, throwing out/recycling stuff we don’t need, not wanting to deal with the sales rep cancelling the order for our dishwasher when we found the next model up for $50 more, etc… It adds up.  We seriously could use a vacation after all is said and done in 4 to 5 weeks.

But, you know, the renovation will be worth it.

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