Buen viaje en Buenos Aires

Usually when I travel it’s usually with some degree of confidence.  But with the big bang of the last trip and being a bit more vigilant, not speaking the language fully, and some of the fears people had mentioned to me – pick pockets and the streets not being that safe here in Buenos Aires, I decided to play it safe.

Now that I know the lay of the land, the next trip will be that much better.

This city is spectacular!  It’s a gorgeous city, much like a combination of New York, London, Paris and various cities in Spain, yet it’s own flavor.

La comida-Excellente!

Thanks to Gustavo, Roberto and Luke for showing me around.

Tomorrow – a 3 hour ferry ride to Montevideo.  I will post pictures when I get back to Montevideo.  In the meantime, Buens Aires, I will be back.

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