Even more bizarre… Dealing with Elite Appliances

It seems to get even more bizarre with Elite Appliances – Samsung’s contractor for fixing our defective washer.

We’ve not heard anything from them for almost six days and Scott reached out to find out what was happening.  Well, they implied that it could take up to 6 weeks to get the replacement part.  WTF?

And what they ordered is a replacement door.  Not the gasket/diaphragm which one would normally think should be replaced first – and cheaper; they’re replacing the door.

We also got an email:

Hello Scott,
We are sorry about the waiting time.
Please understand for all cosmetic parts especially DOOR 
REPLACEMENT we must submit request to SAMSUNG before we order the 
parts, it usually takes 2-3 business days the request was approved on April 8th and we have ordered parts for you right away.
Usually we only contact customer if request been rejected, as in 
your case, we will contact you after the door inspected by the 
tech to make sure you have the correct non scratch door for your 
We will provide you an update once we receive the parts, per our distributor, ETA Monday April  15th.
Thank you,

Elite Customer Care

Cosmetic part?  This is not a cosmetic issue, this is a leaking from the door issue!

When Scott talked to Samsung, they said, “So we’re talking about your refrigerator door that’s been leaking”.  WTF?  And Scott asked the person to read through the case and confirm we’re talking about a washer, not our fridge.

So we’re not sure if Elite has ordered the correct part.  I’m not convinced the door is the issue, but the diaphragm.  What I do know, is that we are not waiting another two weeks, which would bring us up to a month, to have a working washer.

After talking to the place where we bought the unit from, after telling them who Samsung sent to repair our unit, the comment was, “Yeah, we would never refer our customers to them.”

Even on Yelp, Elite is getting a 1.5 star rating.   Is this really how Samsung really wants to be represented in Canada?

Scott pretty much told Samsung that Elite Appliances are idiots, and that we want a replacement immediately.  After being escalated, it’s being put forward to the Samsung internal team to determine if it will be completely replaced.  We’ll know within 24 to 48 hours.

Elite is getting a big fat 0 from me for service.  Seriously, keep away from these guys.

Faulkner, where we got the units from – they were not bad, I’d be hard pressed to blame them unless the way the unit was stored was to blame.  They’re completely apologizing for the hassles we’re having.

Samsung – The company has actually been responsive.  You can call them and actually get a response from them.  They call before and after the technician’s visit to confirm the work was done appropriately, so I think they are genuinely trying which is really cool.  Really really cool.  They are looking at the case and are figuring out if we can get the replacement unit and just not deal with Elite.

My main request to Samsung in Canada is to dump Elite.  I’d be more than happy to recommend Samsung no holds barred, if they get rid of Elite.

Just look at these reviews.

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