Fin de semana

It’s the end of the weekend here in Montevideo and I can’t say I’ve done that much.  LOL

First was the drive home from work:

Driving in Montevideo

If there are no lane markings, drivers on the street drive everywhere. It can be challenging, but I did it successfully. Now I understand why taxis take the route by the ocean.

I spent Saturday working and in the afternoon I decided to go for a 10km walk through the city where I went through the downtown area, what I believe is called “Centro” at the meeting of “18 de Julio” and “Contstituyente”.

Since it was the afternoon, I had missed the shops being open – they often close around 1pm on Saturdays, and it was very quiet in the streets.  Everyone was off for their siestas, having lunch, etc…

It was neat seeing how relatively lively the streets were on my walk back around 6pm.

Everyone must have been laughing at me walking in shorts given it’s autumn down here, with trees going bare and leaves falling.  In some respects it does suck that I am going through two winters this year. 🙂

Sunday, I literally did nothing.  I really needed to catch up on sleep so I pretty much slept all day.  I decided to try the Restaurante la Pasiva which is kind of a ‘cafeteria’ like fast food experience.  I had the Chevito Canadiense con Pollo – which was a sandwich with lettuce, egg, cheese, tomato with back bacon and chicken.  It was tasty and hit the spot.  It came with papas fritas – french fries.    They are also known for their panchos – hot dogs.  Admittedly, I’m not sure I’ve seen a table of older women  eat so many hot dogs – averaging two each, until today.  Next, I need to try a Milanesa.

Another cultural thing – I really like how relaxed food service is here in Montevideo.  It does feel a bit odd, given we often like really fast and quick food service in North America.  It’s been fun just to sit back and relax and restauranteurs are happy to let you do that, and use wifi.

I stopped in at Disco – which is a Supermercado – a Supermarket chain here in Montevideo to pick up a few things that I needed.

And now I’m going between watching Brazilian football (soccer), CNN in Spanish, and BBC World.

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