Houston, we have a problem

Two in fact, but hey, things are looking good as you’ll see down below.

In short the two problems are

  • The mirror we ordered, which is the go-to product for our contractor, is too small.
  • We are 8 tiles short on completing the shower tiling.

There is a third issue of the vanity which is half- in, meanwhile they’ve not taken care of the extra access hole they created the need for with the plumbing.

There is also a fourth issue of one of the marble dividers being broken by the bedroom so that one or they both (to the hall) are going to be replaced.

So… would I recommend the contractor at this point?   Well, they’re doing what they can to get things fixed.  On their plate they had to scramble to get more tiles for the bathroom, and they’re looking into the mirror issue.

If I were to provide feedback, here is my list – and I’m sure Scott can come up with more:

  • Detailed measurements need to be done and confirmed
  • Confirm the actual numbers of tiles needed for the floor and wall, and confirm overages just in case
  • Make sure you know your product – specifically thinking of the mirror issue
  • Confirm what is happening each day the night before and even the day of. Changes always happen, that’s cool, but communicate
  • Confirm if you are purchasing the fixtures or if the customer is purchasing them.
  • Make sure you acknowledge your customer’s emails and confirm their issues list.

Now that said, these guys are growing, they’re busy and while we’ve had these challenges, from what I have seen, the work is very good, they have good guys behind them. I cannot complain based on what I’ve seen from far.  Here is the good:

  • The teardown and putting in the tub was painless.
  • The plumbing looked good when It was put in.
  • The tiles look great from far.
  • The people behind the contractors have been great to work with.
  • The guys have been attentive when there have been issues – except for one so, far, but they’ve also been looking after other items which are priority.

So, I’d say they’re getting a B-grade so far.  I think if we had gone with another contractor, we probably could have found better, and I sure know we could have done worse.

So when we get our kitchen done, at this point I don’t see why it won’t be with the guys, and we will be better prepared.  I know that we will get all the fixtures ourselves, ensure they get good measurements, so all they have to do is to get paint, the kitchen cabinets, and tiles and away we go.

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