In Managua

I have arrived in Managua via San Salvador and Dallas.

Firstly, TACA – great airline, and I highly recommend them.  They were fiercely on time, clean, great service, great entertainment system when you’re on a flight with seat back TVs.

Air Canada, which I adore, not getting such high praises from me, but hey that’s a first world problem.  In short, my flight was two hours late and my checked bag with the rest of my clothes (thankfully brought a few days to change with) didn’t come with me. as the time between flights at DFW was too short.

If you’re ever at San Salvador, check out the coffee shop across from Gate 5.  Tasty coffee and epañadas!

A few things, some of which I expected but I figured I’d document for the uninitiated.  I’m not going to sugar coat it, and I’m not going to criticize things either as it’s not my place to…

  • The price of electronics is high here.  For example, a 160G Playstation 3 which costs CDN$249 to $299, I think, is US$549 in Duty Free shops.  There are a few considerations – import duties, the cost of securing an electronics shop, 24/7 security as well…  My understanding is that a Blackberry Playbook, that we have the luxury of purchasing for CDN/US$199 for 16G, are close to US$700 here.
  • I will say, I was pleased to see PS3s, Wiis and even a red PS2 for sale.  Wish they’d sell electronics in North American Duty Free Shops! LOL!
  • Don’t shock yourself on the hot water.  Say what?  Yes, in the bathroom you have cold water pumped, in this case, through the hotel, with a heater on top of the shower head you have to turn on.  You have to be careful as you can get shocked – and I did. LOL, I’m still alive. 🙂
  • The taxi sounded like it was in desperate need of an oil change, the seatbelt didn’t work and the speedometer wasn’t working.  It’s all part of life here.
  • The coffee is good!  I normally never take my coffee black, but had some tonight and it was tasty!
  • The fee for your visa to enter the country is now US$10.
  • The people are very friendly and will help you speak Spanish – very patient!

And that’s enough from me for tonight.  Tomorrow, it’s meeting Tim’s wife and the kids.  Unfortunately Anly cut her hand open and got 4 stitches.  I say she’s a warrior against her brother. 😉

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