Laundry Room Reno Done

Peel and stick or real tile

Our starting and end point

The second reno we started, and first to finish is done – the laundry room.

I still can’t believe we went from this awful peel and stick tile to real tile and real paint.

Yes, that awful… olive green colour that was common in the 1970s no longer exists in our laundry room.  It does, however, exist in our storage locker.  And that’s okay.  I don’t see a need to renovate that.

IMG_3550You can see how awful the space was with the new with the new washer and dryer – which still needed to be stacked.

Once stacked, we can put the freezer back in, put up some nice shelving and we’re back in business.

That won’t happen until Monday when our washer is replaced with, hopefully, a non defective unit.

So why do the laundry room?  Well, it needed to be done – we needed at a minimum, a tiled floor. The state of the peel and stick was just awful.  The walls needed a fresh paint job – I don’t think they had ever been painted since the unit was built.  In short, it needed some TLC.

Blue and white...

In the cloud of laundry!

The colour choice?  Sherwin Williams Resonant Blue.  That’s a personal decision.  If one of these days we sell the condo and move, whoever moves in can paint the laundry room whatever colour they want and I think they’ll like the tile we put in.  That said, I want to be able to spend time enjoying the space as we have designed it.

We’re ecstatic about the job ATD Contracting Services did on the space, and the progress they’ve made on the kitchen.

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