Managua Bound

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I’m headed on a one week vacation with my Aunt and nephew to Nicaragua to visit my cousin, Tim.

Tim has lived in Nicaragua for about 15 years, first going down to teach english, and when the hurricane hit, he stayed to assist with the clean up and got involved in various health programs and initiatives in the country – starting off in Waslala. In addition he got hitched to a lovely woman named Bernarda, becoming the father of three.  The family now lives in Managua.

It’s about time I got down to Nicaragua. 🙂

I can’t say I ever thought I’d visit Central America – other than Tim and family being down there, honestly, I didn’t have much interest and they’re really – at this time – the only reason why I’d go. If they weren’t there, I simply would not have visited.  It’s like visiting Mexico a few years ago – I would never have picked to goto Mexico, but I ‘won’ a free trip through work to Cabo San Lucas, so why not?

That said, after reading up on potential side trips and such, I’m ready for this adventure. And why not? It takes me off the beaten path.

One thought on “Managua Bound

  1. Jealous jealous jealous.
    I think, and hope, you will find Nicaragua strangely compelling.
    Have a fabulous trip!

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