MINI: Ode to a unique car in the garage

Our MINI.  Definitely the most uniquely styled car in the parking garage.  In a sea of bland colour choices.  Sedans and SUVs.  A car we specced out and had delivered from the UK to how we wanted it.

Tonight is it’s last night in our parking garage.  I’m saddened to see it go, yet I’m not sad to see it go.  I really do hope someone can love what is, for us, the most photographed car we’ve had.  A car that makes me smile every time I go into the garage.

But you know, the car issues really got to me with this one.

I think the trick to buying a MINI is, while it’s a car that should be a manual, the automatic is much more reliable.  Everyone I’ve asked who has one, who has said they’ve not had any issues, has had an automatic.

And then there were the space issues.  As amazing it is on space, it was definitely a downfall for us.  I’d have to keep to one side as Scott put his belt on.  In winter that’s compounded by big jackets.  Scott’s mum getting in the back a bit uncomfortably with her back.

If we had a need for a second car, I’d say, I would consider a MINI – an automatic.  I’d also consider a Toyota as well, maybe Honda too.

Two years and almost two months and 55580 km later.

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