MINI: It arrived, it’s ours, it’s awesome!

And this morning we woke up, got the Quora, the Prius all packed up with Scott, Ben and Nico and we headed… to the Danish Pastry House.  This was our first stop because we needed breakfast in the form of super amazing Danish pastries.  No, not the horrible sweet excuse for sugared bread with dried lemon in the middle.  No, the real thing made by real Danes!  The flaky pastry just melts in your mouth.

And so off my diet.  I digress. LOL

I highly recommend the coffee.

After buying for us and the crew at MINI Oakville, who supplies the Danish Pastry House with their MINIs, we went, signed for and picked up our new wheels.

And such glorious wheels they are.  Spending about 3 to 4 hours tonight driving the car on some twisty roads, getting a feel for how the car handles.  Just amazing.

I’ve always preferred small cars, and despite this one possibly being a bit too small for people in the back seat, it will do very nicely for years to come, and certainly how I feel right now, I really want to keep this baby!  It’s definitely a dream car come true.

And this from my friend, Ben who is a car fanatic and wasn’t sure about the 3-cylinder engine from BMW:

So much choo too
So many smiles
The mini she sings
A happy song.

So communicative she tells you what she wants and how to drive
Oh she’ll have Iain driving like a bad ass in no time
Even sitting in the passenger seat she tells you everything you need to know
What a beautiful piece of engineering
BMW did a great job with it
The 3 cylinder sounds aggressive the turbo spools fast

He really likes the Turbo, hence the choo choo.

After driving the car getting definitely less fuel consumption than the Prius, yet somehow getting the same or more on a tank of gas.  Now a 40L tank in the Prius versus a 45L in the MINI, I have yet to confirm how much petrol really does go into the tank.  If in Green mode, I can get the same or better mileage then AWESOME!

I think the one feature I’m quite amazed by are the lights.  We went with the LED Adaptive Headlight package because, admittedly, I’m tired of halogen bulbs that are not bright and really wanted to makes the lights were bright.  I can definitely say without a doubt, go with the LED headlight package.  And if you can get the Adaptive Headlight package, do.  What the Adaptive Headlights do is light up the corner to the left or right as you turn, or when you turn on your indicators.  It surprisingly helps I think.

Funniest feature – the ultimate in redundancy: You can have a split screen map with the map.  It’s like the software developers said, “Hey bro we heard you liked maps so we put a map next to your map”

It’s really nice getting back into a manual car, and quite honestly, I’m feeling really spoiled right now.

The fish is named Blinky. 🙂  The dog, not quite sure yet.

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