MINI: Landed in Canada


The Torrens arrived in Halifax on November 4th and departed today, November 5th, and is on it’s way to New York City.  As you can see above, the car was off loaded this morning at 9:43am and almost 12 hours later at 8:38pm, it was released into the hands of the Halifax Autoport where it will go through customs processing, probably starting tomorrow. We should see a “Delivered From” status once that happens.

Then it’s the way to go from Halifax to Toronto.  That trip only takes about 36 hours according to CN from Port to Toronto – Trailer or Container.  By railcar, it can take 5 to 8 days.

So the expectation I’m setting with myself is that we’ll have the car in two weeks.  I’m assuming two days for the paperwork, a week to ship to Toronto, and then 2 days for processing with the dealer.  That brings us to November 20th. 🙂

Interestingly, the Port of Halifax suggests that a Discharge Terminal Dwell of 2 days, Rail Terminal Dray of 0 (doubt that), Inland Rail of 1.9 days (36 hours).  So the car could be here next week, but I doubt that.  Rumour has it that CN is slow to process cars in Halifax.  On top of that, there is PDI and putting on the winter tires.

Here is a video about the Halifax Autoport – Imaging driving those cars onto the trains!

Here’s a neat video about what happens at the autoport between CN and Toyota with shipments of the Yaris from Europe.

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