One more day, one more night

This is my second last night in Uruguay for this trip and I am glad to be going home. Three weeks is a long time down here.

Admittedly, I am kind of tired of:

  • Having to take taxis everywhere
  • Having to have the gate of the hotel opened for me to go out for dinner
  • Having to have the gate of the hotel opened for me when I arrive back from work or dinner
  • Winter
  • Dark nights
  • Having to really think about what I want to say
  • Crazy drivers
  • Having to be really vigilant walking across intersections

At the same time I know I am going to miss:

  • The weight loss I’ve had down here, let’s hope I can continue it at home
  • The vibe of my new coworkers down here
  • Asado
  • People walking around with thermoses and Mate
  • Crazy drivers
  • New experiences
  • Lunches at El Refugio
  • The different models of cars down here
  • Jamón y queso para desayuno
  • Medialunas
  • Orange-carrot juice

I just want to see my husband, cats, family, drive my car, a public transit system, a bath tub I fit in, a hot tub for my back, not be locked in to a compound, my bed, familiar things…

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