Quartz and Appliances!

The past two days have been exciting here in Penthouse des Ours.  Our counter top arrived, plumbing is in for the sink, dishwasher and fridge (ice maker & water dispenser).

Not without some hitches:

  • the cabinet was too low above the fridge so it’s had to be adjusted
  • the quartz backsplash for the island was mis-measured so that’s being replaced and will take another day or two
  • we were told we’d have to re-pick our backsplash, but after telling the tile folks we’ve already had to pick our cabinets twice, and our counter three times; they figured out how to get us what we wanted.  We did not have to repick our back splash.

With a reno like this, you really have to roll with the punches.  I’m actually somewhat laughing my butt off because I know the contractors will fix it.  I trust them and in then end the kitchen is going to look amazing.

And on the plus side, our dishwasher is SOOOO quiet relative to what we had before.  Having an ice maker is… interesting.  Not sure I’ll use it but I know Scott will.

Tile goes in tomorrow, Friday, and grouting on Saturday or Monday.  🙂

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