Speech to the family/Discurso a la familia

I wrote a speech last night to the family in Spanish that Tim proofed (minus the addition I wrote specifically for him *GRIN*).  With a few minor changes and a missing word here and there – it was pretty good.   Here is what I said:

Bernarda, Birmania, Anly, Ary y Timothy

Ésta fue mi primer viaje a Managua, Nicaragua y Centroamérica. A total el mundo, muchas gracias por su hospitalidad.

Bernarda – Muchos gracias por la comida fantástica y por dejarnos quedar en su casa. Fueron muy amables.

Birmania y Anly – Buena suerte con sus estudios en la escuela, medicina e inglés

Ary – ¡No juegas con el Nintendo demasiado y estudias mucho!

Timothy – ¡Orgulloso de su!

¡Muchos gracias y yo voy a versar otra vez!

Bernarda, Birmania, Anly, Ary y Timothy

This was my first trip to Managua, Nicaragua and Central America, and I’d like to thank all of you for everything.

Bernarda – Thank you for your food and for letting us stay in your home.

Birmanya and Anly – Good luck with your studies in school, medicine and english.

Ary – Don’t play too much with your Nintendo and study hard.

Timothy – I am proud of you.

Thank you and see you soon!

Bernarda said that with 4 months in Nicaragua, I could be speaking Spanish almost fluently, I picked it up that quickly.

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