The start of the bathroom renos

Scott and I have started our bathroom renovation today with the tearing down of our shower and bath, removal of the vanity, and floor tiles.  We’re using Attention To Detail Contracting Services.

Tomorrow is plumbing and electrical day.  We’re adding two pot lights and completely changing our shower layout.

We’ve only had one miscommunication on the project so far around who was going to order the actual faucets for the shower and sink.  As a result, we’re a bit nervous about a diverter that we need as we’re installing a shower head and a hand held unit.  We can’t get the diverter unit from Home Depot or Lowes, so the contractor is looking for the diverter we want tomorrow.  If not, it will delay part of the plumbing.

Beyond that, we’re REALLY happy with everything so far.  The teardown crew were VERY professional, they were quick and clean for such a messy job.  Kudos!

Below are the faucet sets we choose – Kohler Cavata, and we’re adding Kohler Flipside shower heads.  The sink faucet was selected to be purposely high so that Scott can wash his hands and arms for his practice more effectively.  I like the modern look.


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