Three weeks in New York…

I’ve spent the past three weeks in New York City.  Does this count as trips 6, 7 and 8, or is it 1 trip despite flying back and forth to Toronto?  I like big numbers, so trips 6, 7 and 8 it is.

My trips to New York have always been in Autumn or Winter.  Never the summer, so it’s kind of a treat to be here in really good weather and people have said that I’m here during the perfect season.

I had an interesting reaction to starting on this new project in New York.  First was excitement, and then it progressed to, ugh, New York.

Now that I’ve spent three weeks here, I can definitely say I’m excited to be here, on several levels, much I’ve learned while here:

  • I love the diversity of this place.  No where else in the US can you hear as many languages spoken as I hear in Toronto.
  • The distinct areas of the city Soho, TriBeCa, Downtown, Midtown, Times Square, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, Uptown, Harlem, Nomad, Brooklyn – And the parts I’ve not explored; bring such character to the city.
  • The food choices are overwhelming – which is a blessing and a curse to me.  If I find the right restaurant that’s compatible with my diet, I can be happy just eating at the same place.  Sounds boring eh?  But hey, BBQ!
  • I think I learned the most about New Yorkers at the 9/11 Museum and while looking out daily from 4 World Trade Centre reflecting on the rebuilding of the World Trade Centre where work daily.  Their resilience, how much the community comes together in times of need and how people do actually look out for each other.
  • People are proud of this city, no matter the gleaming towers, the grime on the streets, the flashing lights, the history.
  • In the days of right wing power, it’s great seeing New York and New York State being representative of the sanctuary city that it is – All kinds of posters in the subways, on the streets, showing the hope that exists for new people trying to make their way in this metropolis.
  • I love taking the subway to work every day,  Yes, I’m the guy that forced one of my coworkers to take the subway one day, and she said, “Never again!” Alright princess, have your taxi.
  • I love being able to walk all over this city, completely breaking my minimum step requirements on various apps.  Sweet!  And I’m getting a lot more exercise in than I would be if I were in Toronto, just going between the office and home.  I am also completely shattering how much walking I did in Portland.  New York is a very walkable city with lots to see.

In my past trips, I’ve had glimpses of what makes this city tick, but it’s always been a bit superficial because I’ve never spent a long enough time here.

NYC is more magical than I thought it could be.  I can see why people are attracted to this city.

On a personal note, I’ve been able to get way more down time than I’ve had in the past three years.  It’s been good to be offloaded and to start feeling more myself again, the real me who is considerably more funny and uplifting than I have been for a while.  A lot of energy seems to have come back too, which is a very good thing.

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