Too many choices…

Scott and I, I think, are completely fed up with making choices.  For the past few days, it’s been nothing but have to pick our cabinet, counter, granite or quartz, lighting, backsplash, floor tile, do we want to put a light over our dining room table, do we want change the light fixture in the living room, do we really wanna put that light in that spot…. ARGH!  Can we please turn off our brains?

So we made a few decisions… We decided to go with Cherry wood with a Copper Tray stain from Cuisines Laurier from their Lite line.  However, today, it looks like either the sample our contractors had was wrong or something is up because we got an email back saying the stain is much darker than what they had. So we’re looking at going with Roasted Chestnut or something lighter instead.  We cannot have a darker kitchen given we have a galley style kitchen.

We also went with a Shaker style door with crown moulding and lighting valance.

On the quartz vs. granite discussion – crowdsourcing guidance said quartz, and I have to say I agree.  The granite in the bathroom is gorgeous, but I do worry if we drop something and do damage to the bathroom counter.  We made the decision, today, to go with Caesarstone Charcoal (9140).  It’s really neat quartz, with dimensionality to it.  We saw it at the International Home and Garden show and it was exactly what we were looking for.

Had we gone with granite, we would have gone with Cafe Imperial.

Lighting-wise, we picked up two kinds of lights – an art deco light we thought would go above the dining room but it may go over the island; and then a 5-light set which was going to be over the breakfast bar, but may go over the dining room.  We shall see.

We did also get a new lighting set for the living room.  We’re not married to the new light as we do like the funky UFO light we have.

Backsplash and Floor tile
We chose to go towards white with a hint of beige/brown, though the floor does go a bit more grey/white.  I think it will look good.  It is quite conservative if you will, which is not really my thing – totally.  I would like some pizzaz but not quite sure how we can really do it.  Either way, the kitchen is going to look great!

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