Treating the inner geek

On top of getting the reservation system for Scott sorted out, I’ve been working on getting back to the gym.

Since my trip to Nicaragua, my back has been screaming and twinging (if that’s even a word – it’s mine and I’m copylefting it) and it’s held me back from getting any exercise.  Of course, may doctors will say, if you don’t exercise your back will get worse.  Fair enough, but how do I get to that point?

Going to the Chiropractor has helped but it’s not the end-all cure, and no Chiropractor would say that.  Enter Scott with his magic hands and my other RMT who both use vastly different techniques  which are complementary – Scott is harder and turns me into a pretzel and my other RMT uses more of an energy work modality; which has helped quite a bit.

Enter swimming.  It got to the point where lifting weights was getting boring for me and it really felt like everything was tightening up in a bad way, so I’ve completely stepped away from lifting weights.  I was even humming and hawing about swimming.

Three weeks ago I decided to start building up and take my time getting back to swimming – I went once; two weeks ago twice and three weeks ago – three times.   That first time I went, my back felt considerably better.  As my back gets tighter during the week, I go swimming and it feels better.  Add in the massage therapy and such, I’m doing better.

Now waiting on the completion of my ergonomics assessment at work…

But between the project I’m doing for Scott and swimming, I’m seeing this as treating myself on so many levels:

  • If I go swimming, I can then start coding as a treat for getting exercise
  • If I do a bit of coding, I can treat myself to go swimming for a job well done
  • I am starting to lose weight again which is definitely a treat in itself as I’m living the tips and tricks learned
  • My back hurts less which is a major bonus.

This is all good and I’m glad to be where I am right now.

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