Week 2 Completed: State of the Kitchen

A sign of good drywall and painting

A sign of good drywall and painting

This was probably the slowest week of the renovation as I said,  It’s all about drywall and painting – which are important and vital, and messy as all get.  Afterall, this is what people will see so it needs to be done right.

Firstly, it’s amazing how seamless a wall looks when it’s been drywalled correctly.  In the picture on the right, you would not know that the wall was extended to the right by about 2 inches – you can’t see it, and that the paint job is partially the old paint job from 6 years ago and one from today.  Seamless.

The paint colour for the living room is Behr Promenade Green – using Sherwin Williams paint, matched to a sample that was taken from the wall we tore down.  The kitchen is Sherwin Williams Bees Wax.

The kitchen is starting to take shape and as of Tuesday next week, we’ll have cabinets in!

Next week it’s

  • Second coat of paint on the walls
  • Cabinet installation
  • Crown moulding installation
  • Electrical and lighting installation (we hope)
  • Counter top templating

Week after

  • Counter top installation (we hope)
  • Plumbing
  • Completion

We are well on track with this project.  The only thing that would delay the project is the counter top or if the cabinets were wrong in some way.  It would be nice to have this all done by my birthday. 🙂

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