X3: Tracking

I will be tracking the delivery of the new 2018 X3 once we know what the VIN is.  My guess is that it will take, surprisingly, longer for the vehicle to get here and I’m guessing that it will be mid-January before it gets here.  Why?

US Thanksgiving is this week.  We have a plant shutdown at Christmas for, at a minimum, a week.

Now, if we map it to the MINI.  When we ordered from MINI Oakville, it took:

  • 6 days from ordering to get the VIN (October 16)
  • 11 days from ordering and we had production day (October 21)
  • Then it took 15 days from production  to get to Halifax from Oxford (November 5)
  • It took 12 days to get from Halifax to Toronto (November 17)
  • It took a week longer for the dealership to get the car ready to deliver (November 24)

The bonus of having an American-built car is that, it’s on the same continent!  Although, I wonder if the car ships by train or by car carrier into Canada?  I will have to find out.

So let’s map this –

  • I ordered the car on November 16th
  • Let’s assume it takes 6 days to get the VIN – That would be November 22nd
  • Shutdown happens for two days on the 23rd and 24th
  • I’m going to say that maybe, if we’re lucky, production would be in 13 days, bringing us to November 29th
  • It takes time for all the import paperwork and all that, but I’d expect it to take less than 27 days.  Let’s say two weeks.  That means, we could have the car by December 18th.
  • My gut feeling says January 8th or 15th.
  • My dealer has an allocation.

Let’s see what a simple search says

So we’ll see.  I’m tracking for January, given that’s what the dealer pretty much said.

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