Awaiting a Package

Dear UPS,
Above is the package that I’m waiting for to arrive at my office, and I know it will probably arrive on time and all that. You’re pretty good.

I also know that I had requested an arrival time of one week. Fair enough. However, this package started it’s journey in Illinois, which is really a 9 hour drive from Toronto where the package needs to go and a 1.5 hour flight from the same city.

So… why is the package going all over hell’s half acre going down to Texas, back up to Oklahoma, Missourri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio when it could very well be in Toronto and delivered early? It’s not like Chicago isn’t a major airport hub. And yes, I know it takes time to do that customs clearing stuff – hence the flirt with Windsor.

But really, isn’t it best to just get the package out of your system and safely to the person it’s being delivered to sooner rather than later, and delight the customer?

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