15th Anniversary

As Scott wrote on Facebook:

So… on this day (June 27th), in the early afternoon, exactly 15 years ago, I met my bear (Iain Bennett). We had chatted a bit on-line and he thought I was a bit of a creep (gasp!), but I guess he took his anti-creep pills that day, and the rest is history. Thank you Mr.Bear for 15 wonderful, love-filled, fun (and sometimes not so much), and challenging years. Thank you for being the one that was alway quietly humming and LIVING out the words of “I am by Your Side” to me, even when it was hard for me to hear….and always pointing me towards “Never Surrender”. May we continue to love and grow and share together for many years to come. Happy “official” Anniversary. 🙂

and then further…

We consider our “anniversary” as the date we met. We officially started dating sometime in August…. but in the distance of time neither of us could remember what the date was…. so we use this one instead. The actual date was June 27th, the “event” that it occurred in conjunction with is the Dyke March during Pride. Not married yet.

Well, the video below is my response. *GRIN*

Here is a direct link to the video (M4V format). This page uses HTML5.



By the way, I highly recommend 1Love featuring Corey Hart – The Truth Will Set U Free

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