54lbs down

So today’s magic number is 263.  That’s 54lbs down since October, and that’s 6 lbs more than what I lost under Weight Watchers a few years ago.  30ish more pounds until goal.

I have to admit, i’ve been cheating a bit with this diet.  It started with my last trip to Portland where I got fed up with eating the same thing over and over again, and I decided to have the hotel specialty for breakfast – Eggs Benedict.  Over the past two weeks ago I had the equivalent to

  • 1 piece of Pizza Pizza, Pizza;
  • regular cheese in Tampa with a number of meals;
  • rice with Teriyaki and yes I had the sauce.
  • dim sum with the Teriyaki meal.

I’ve always gotten back on plan when I’ve done this with the exception of the cheese in Tampa.

I’ve always lost between 4.5 and 5 lbs on the plan.  I have no plans on slowing down at this point, but I am at a point where I feel I need to eat more towards regular foods so that when I hit goal, I’m not suddenly switching and gaining all that hard earned weight loss back like I did with WW.  I also need to learn to balance it so I’m not reverting back to old behaviours.

For example, I bought some low-carb rye bread made with flax.  I’m allowed two pieces per day.  Great!  I’m nervous about gaining weight on the stuff, but looking at the labels, it’s all on plan.

We’re going to be eating more protein, relative to where we were at in October. That’s been a major shift for Scott and me.

So we’ll see.  While I maintain my weight, I’m planning on continuing my regular weigh ins, and may even get us a bathroom scale.

But that’s not for 30ish pounds.

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