July 1996

3 years after the initial application

After spending a year in England, and the various ups and downs associated with my life at the time, I was living in Ottawa. My Aunt forwarded mail to me, and in the pile sent was my non-identifying information. In this letter I learned:

  • information about my birth
  • my original names – James William ?
  • foster home placement details
  • historical medical information
  • some family details, but nothing identifying
  • details about my mother
  • details about my father – he was not legally listed on the file, but there were a few details listed
  • a few details about my mother’s children from her previous marriage – two twin boys, and a daughter

After opening and reading the details provided, I felt like my head was swimming. It was quite an overwhelming experience. This was the first time I had concrete details rather than rumors about my birth family. I immediately consented to continuing the search for identifying information and contact.

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