September 2004

I received a call from a new case worker, Rosalyne. Post Adoption Services were ready to start my sibling search. In the back of my mind I gave them a month to get back to me. A week later, they had made contact with my brother, Frank.

  • Frank is living in Victoria, BC
  • John was our twin brother, passed away in 2001
  • Marjorie is learning disabled and has ADD
  • My birth-mother passed away in 2001 – I was originally told 1993

Among many other details that fit the puzzle together. Still, I am curious about some of the information received from 2002 – was it true? Over the next few weeks I’ll be finding out. Despite rumors, my birth-mother never talked about and denied that she had a fourth child, so the news is a shock to my birth-family.

The next step is to write letters with Post Adoption Services as the proxy. In the letter I sent to Frank on Thursday, September 23rd, I included contact details. That said, Rosalyne said that she wished to facilitate the first contact call – to which I agreed.

I am elated and I have my fears, but I’m ready.

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