Air Canada 777HD

Air Canada got some pretty sweet deals on a few 777-300ERs which they have dubbed their High Density 777.

I’ve flown on this configuration four times, the first time was with my manager who complained about the seating.  I thought he as joking, as I snapped a picture in response of my legs spread out from the exit row seat I was seated in.

I will say, I do like the concept of Premium Economy.  I could sit in a Premium Economy seat and be comfortable for a long haul journey. I would prefer an aisle or window as I’ve done middle seats – row 12 (bulk head) and row 13. If I had to sit in a middle seat again, I would not complain.

I have not had a chance to sit in a Studio Pod Business Class seat yet.  The concept of high density business class, in that configuration does not make sense to me.  Having two people seated such that if you’re by the window you have to bother someone, especially if they’re lying down, doesn’t seem appropriate.  I’d go as far as saying, it’s just wrong.  But hey, that’s a first world problem. 😉

Economy?  Forget it.  I can live with it for a 5 hour transcontinental flight, but forget going 11 to 13 hours overseas.

I get why airlines are going with high density configurations.  To squeeze out as much fuel economy per passenger as they can.  As someone who appreciates fuel economy and not wanting to pay for petrol, I get it.

I think there’s a balance to supporting your customers and supporting your needs as a company.

Below are some pictures from being seated in Premium Economy and the fact, in what I would call a rare move for AC, dual bridge boarding!

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