Air Canada 787-8 Fin 801

Air Canada’s first 787-8, Fin 801, launched into service last year doing a few flights around Canada until starting regular service to HND.  As Air Canada has received their first batch of 787-8s and soon 787-9s, they’ve moved services around, flying to TLV, Europe and later this year, DEL and DXB.

They’re also using them on intercontinental flights, usually to swap from one coast to the other just like their 777s and 767s.

What a stunning airplane. I do declare that the 787 is my favourite in-service jet liner. Having hit a high of 41,003 ft at 992km/h. I’m not sure I’ve ever been that fast before or not in a plane. The construction of the plane is gorgeous. The cleanest design of a wing I have ever seen.

Toronto to Vancouver in 3h 43m; 4h gate to gate, those cool electronic window blinds that I was skeptical about… My nose and lips are not dry. My lungs feel happy. Truly revolutionary. Looking forward to my next trip on one. 

Air Canada has also done a great job of the interior. The 31in pitch is actually okay. The seats are comfortable for an economy class seat. The IFE adds games and podcasts. You can also browse their menu and shop, however you can’t order stuff ‘online’ from the plane. Maybe once they add wifi they will allow you to buy a TV from 41k up.

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