Air Canada YYZ>YVR A319 Business Class

I’ve decided that I’m going to blog about my experiences as I fly Trans-continental, and around the world in the next year.  Why?  I think there’s a market out there for people curious about what kind of service airlines are offering.  There are a lot of videos out there, and a few blogs but with changes happening in the market place – Air Canada and their new jets with changes to service, United still going through changes with their merging with Continental, American merging with US Airways, and game changers from the middle east, it’s good to get some updates from those of us who travel.

I love what has happened to Air Canada.  I used to prefer Canadian Airlines prior to the merge with Air Canada.  Still, sadly, it’s a Canadian pastime to hate Air Canada.  While I have had some poor experiences, they’re certainly much much fewer than positive experiences.

IMG_4143A week ago, I was upgraded to what Air Canada is now calling Transcontinental Business Class on my Toronto to Vancouver leg of my trip to Portland.  What differentiates Transcon from International Business Class?  In short, the only thing missing is the amenity kit and slightly kicked up food options.

Honestly, relative to what I have experienced in the past, Air Canada really is kicking up food options on their Transcontinental routes.

Take a look at the menu to the left.  Moroccan-style lamb, Atlantic salmon, Ratatouille and Chicken.  More options and the presentation was quite nice.  The salad is pretty standard for Air Canada, however I love the presentation.  Of course, a perennial favourite of mine, the cookies and ice cream.

Believe me, the food was good before, although presentation did leave something to be desired, but it wasn’t bad.

Don’t be fooled.  As someone said in another blog I was reading, within North America, Air Canada really does First Class, not Business Class.  You get real plates, real cutlery, linen and great service.

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