Air Canada: Everyone gets a window!

IMG_0015On Air Canada, there is one plane that guarantees that EVERYONE gets a window seat.  No, I’m not talking about a 787 where the windows are larger than life.

I’m talking about flying a Beechcraft 1900D, which could be Air Canada’s most comfortable airline save for the loudness.  The 1900D was introduced in 1991, so I’m flying a plane that is actually younger than the Dash-8s I fly to Portland from Vancouver.

So why comfortable?  The plane has 18 or 19 seats depending on configuration.  Everyone gets a window, everyone gets an aisle.  You don’t have to worry about anyone poking you, or stealing your space, or the guy sleeping on me like what happened when I flew to Dallas a few weeks ago.

The catch?  There is absolutely no beverage service on the plane.  Which, I’m actually fine with.  The past few flights I’ve had, I’ve skipped the beverage service.

Knee room is short, but manageable.  As I was not stuck in the same position because of someone sitting next to me, my back was thanking me at the end of the trip.  My butt wasn’t sore either

I think it’s interesting that while today I fly on what will be the smallest aircraft I will fly on this year, and in a little less than six months from now, I will be flying on the largest passenger aircraft ever build from ICN to HKG.

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