British Airways YYZ <> LHR – 2000/2001

I have been fortunate to fly British Airways four times in my life in all three classes.  BA holds a special place in my heart as they were

  • The first airline I ever flew with in Business and First.
  • It was my first time on a 747 on the upper deck, and then returning on a new 777.
  • They were the first airline that took Scott to Europe for the first time.

I flew Business while on Business heading to Ireland.  Upon returning, I was upgraded to First after running into a Flight Attendant who asked me for my flight details.  I still talk about this experience for years after.  It was very much appreciated and that doesn’t describe how I feel.  I felt very much out of place, like I shouldn’t be there because I was upgraded.  I was somewhat overwhelmed, but the service was amazing.  The fact that they knew who I was when boarding, blew me away.  Even today when I get great service that is similar, I am still blown away.

Sadly, I don’t have pictures from business class on this flight, as well, I don’t have pictures from the second airline I ever flew in business – Aer Lingus.  That flight was hilarious because it was my first experience with the economy class seats with no one in the middle being considered business.  It was what it was.  The service on that flight was great.

Later in 2001, Scott and I flew over for holidays, we were upgraded to the new Business class seats upon return, by the same FA on a 777.  Again, thank you!

These were special flights for me and Scott that I will never forget.

Here are some pictures of those experiences:

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