The stove and massive fridge that Scott and I ordered on New Years day arrived yesterday.

The fridge involved us having to remove two doors to get the thing into our condo.  *phew* It fit – barely.  The best quote of the day was: “This is a fridge that’s not for a condo, for a house.”  And we definitely need to renovate our kitchen.  The fridge doesn’t fit in the spot where the fridge should go!

Needless to say, if we ever move, these appliances will come with us.

I digress – tonight, I baked muffins.  I think it’s the first time I’ve baked anything since Valentines Day when Scott was stuck at work, and I took him down dinner and dessert (a valentines cake).

I gotta say, convection ovens are the… well… yeah it would be eventually… oh I’m not going to go there. *GRIN*

Still, awesome.  Next up – I’m doing a Pork Roast.

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