Day 0: We arrived in Japan

“It’s the Amazing Race Iain and Scott style! Our contestants must check in and fly to Narita on Air Canada’s 787-8, where they will be wined and dined to their hearts content. Finally they must make their way through Tokyo and check in to their hotel to get their next clue.”

18 years after starting to talk about it, we’re finally here!  Scott’s first time in 20+ years back in Japan!

Firstly, what a fantastic flight!  AC1 YYZ direct to NRT on a 787!  The engines are quiet, the service was amazing in Business Class.  What more could we have asked for?  A painless 13 hour flight, for sure!

Both Scott and I opted for the Japanese meal for both dinner and breakfast (noodles), and Dim Sum mid-flight.  Yes!  Several achievements were unlocked

  • Octopus on board – Yes, I had octopus in my dinner
  • Keiseki on a plane – The presentation, for airline food, was gorgeous
  • Dim sum on a plane – Tasty!
  • Slippers on a plan – Nice touch!

Once we arrived, we stopped briefly to pick up our wifi hot spot and we were soon on our way to Ebisu (aka Yebisu) via… N’Ex to Tokyo Station.

Rather than going to Shibuya, Scott decided to book us to Tokyo station, and then take the Yamanote line to Ebisu… In rush hour traffic.  Okay, we count that as an achievement.

  • Taking Yamanote Line with baggage at rush hour

We won’t be doing that again!

Our first hotel is The Westin Tokyo, which we had changed from the Sheraton Miyako.

At this hotel, when you’re SPG Platinum, you don’t check in on the main lobby.  Oh no, you check in on the 17th floor at the club lounge.

All I can say is, wow.  The room is gorgeous.  We’re in a great area of Tokyo with a view of Tokyo Tower.

What’s up for the next leg of the race?  Stay tuned and you’ll see.  For now, here are some pictures:


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