Day 2: You gotta look up

IMG_9583In Japan, you have to look up.  If not you miss things.

Case in point is the picture to the left.  You have several floors of restaurants to choose from.  In North America and much of the Western world, most shopping on a high street is on the ground level, maybe the second level.

Japan is built tall.  I have been constantly been looking up to see, what am I missing?  Especially today in Akihabara which is the being “Electric Town” where you can find anything electronic, and I mean anything.

The Yodobashi has something like 7 floors of everything a consumer would want.  We ducked down an alleyway in Electric Town and found vacuum tubes.  Looking up was a geeky Maid Cafe where we had lunch.

You definitely have to be looking around when you’re here, in Tokyo.  If not, you might miss something you’ve been looking for.


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