Day 3 – Kitchen and Laundry Room

I was going to say there wasn’t much to report, but from a blog standpoint, I’ve not posted pictures from yesterday or today.

And I’m not going to because it’s too late at night.

BUT I will say – we have no kitchen.  The one wall was torn down and pulled back on the other side.  The cabinets, according to my sister, have gone for a walkabout – I’ve insisted they come back with TIm Tams.  I’m providing coffee.

Electrical was looked at today, and we do have some challenges.  Mainly the phone line that was on the wall is standing on a piece of conduit that goes down several floors.  We need to cut the conduit down.

We’re considering hooking into the ventilation system out of the condo for the fan in our over the stove microwave/fan.

All the new electrical will be roughed in tomorrow for the kitchen – lights, dishwasher, microwave…

For the laundry room, all the gross peel and stick tile has been removed.  Our washer arrived defective so that’s going to be serviced on Thursday.  The electrical work that’s stopping the dryer from being stacked is going to be moved tomorrow.

Floor tiling starts on Thursday, and it’ll probably Monday when we actually have tile on the wall for the laundry room for the backsplash, and a painted, new laundry room.

Our living room/dining room area has everything but the kitchen sink.  Literally – Fridge, dryer, washer (once fixed), stove, table, food, computers, music, TV… LOL!

Once the laundry room is done, and the electrical panel replaced (next week), that means we can put the laundry room back and remove a pile of stuff from the bedroom – Chest freezer, cleaning supplies, Christmas boxes – tree, ornaments, etc…

If the monolith is the fridge (as I’ve nicknamed it), I think the dryer is a big HAL 9000.

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