I have a few people to thank for their help over the years:Matt Herder – a friend from high school who I am recently back in touch with. Matt was the one who suggested that I start working out at school, as well as getting involved with Rugby. Thanks mate!My Aunt and Uncle, Mary and Roger – Thanks for confirming that as a child that I really wasn’t fat – Big, sure, but not fat as certain members of the family told me I was. Your help over the past years has been very much appreciated. Thanks for driving me to early practices, and for picking me up.

My Phys. Ed. teachers – Thanks for the encouragement which at the time fell on deaf ears, but I think about all of you on the pitch. I am a late bloomer – better late than never.

Scott – Thanks for being my athletic supporter, for your encouragement and for listening to me when I’m bitching. You have been an amazing part of my life for the past six years.

Bob – Thanks for introducing me to the Highland Games, and for putting the bug in my ear.

Steve, John & Brian – Thanks for the invite to join you guys at Alfie’s. I really appreciate your input and encouragement which lasts to today.Charles – Thanks for the encouragement, advice and support.

Steve Aucoin and Grant Buhr – (Nov 2003) Thanks for introducing me to strongman.

Dr. Gary Rubin – For working with me on my health issues.

Toronto YMCA and Alfie’s Gym – Thanks for being the alternative to the other gyms. Guys like me need places like you without the pressure, hassles and bullshit that is out there

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