Gasoline bullshit

This is the most expensive tank of gas I have purchased.

And what were the profits of the various petrol companies, last year?
What dictatorship are we in bed with these days?

At one level I’m glad I drive a Hybrid (2009 Toyota Prius – LOVE IT!) and I have been known to get 800km in a tank, but it doesn’t seem enough.  No, I’m not going to rush out and get a GM Volt – I can’t afford it for one, and I’m not willing to be a test guinea pig for that kind of new technology.

I’ve always chosen cars that sipped fuel – two Toyota Echos (2001, 2004) and the Prius.  I full admit, I am cheap when it comes to buying gas – why should I line the profits of the gas companies in bed with governments of questionable  reputation?  I also do care, somewhat, about the environment – and I agree it can be argued that simply by having a car that I’m not being very green.  I do what I can, and have had a few initiatives at home to help green my own world.

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