Hyperstalking our MINI

When you order a MINI based on a specific configuration that you want, you can follow along at BMW’s website which allows you to track the building of both BMW and MINI cars when they are ordered.  You can also, if you know what you’re doing, track the ship that is carrying your car as well. Thanks to Jalopnik, there is a great article on how to do this.  I promise not to freak out to my sales rep.

Here are status codes that dealers my use with you. Looking forward to each stage.

0000 Cancelled
0037 Model or Feature Unavailable
0077 No Quota Available
0097qq No Current Event Allocated
0500 Cannot be Scheduled

1100 Scheduled
1200 Scheduled for Production
5000 Confirmed for Production
5050 Chassis Number Allocated
5055 Confirmed by Production Control

5100 Bodyshop Start
5190 Bodyshop Complete
5200 Paintshop Start
5270 Paintshop Complete
5300 Pre-Assembly Start
5400 Assembly Start
5500 Assembly Complete

6000 Transfer to Distribution
8200 Released to Carrier
9000 Departed Plant
9615/35/45 In Storage
9610/20/30/40/50/60 In Transit
9800 Arrived Dealer

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