Making pasta

Scott and I have talked about me learning to cook in the kitchen.  It’s not that I can’t cook in the kitchen.  I can cook basic things like eggs and bacon, I can bake, I can follow directions on a box, I can make a basic spaghetti sauce, I’ve roasted turkeys and chicken.

But I’ve not done it enough in certain circumstances for it to be second nature (turkeys, chicken come to mind).  I don’t know what things I could substitute.  I feel I should know how to do a basic white sauce so that I can then kick it up with something tasty.

Along with redoing the kitchen, with the graciousness of some of the wedding gifts we’ve received, and with an amazing deal we got on pots and plans that we bought before the renovation was completed – we’ve upgraded some of the tools we have in the kitchen as well.

I’m intimidated by the kitchen!  I tried frying an egg in a new frying pan and almost burned breakfast!  ARGH!

We’ve been talking for a long time about me learning how to cook things how to do things in the kitchen, and we started tonight.

We picked up a pasta maker yesterday, and set out today to pick up supplies to make fresh pasta.  This was Scott’s first time making pasta as well.

The vision – stringy cheese macaroni and cheese with 4 kinds of cheese (Gruyere, Fontina, Mozzarella and Old Cheddar).

What really turned out was more a pasta bake (which we’ve always done) with turkey and red pepper.

It turned out amazingly!

It was also our first night eating with our new china and the Ralph Lauren Highball glasses.

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  1. How did the extruder work? Have the same one and haven’t tried it yet. Did you use the same flour in the pasta recipe? Fresh pasta is always better!

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