MINI: 11 Days

MINI Production

It’s now 11 days since we agreed to purchase our MINI and…

We have a production date according to and it’s today!  That means that over at Plant Oxford, or MINI is being built which takes 6 to 10 days although some threads have said this date is the date the drivetrain and chassis are married.

So it could mean, a new car has official entered into the world, rather than individual parts!

After that it takes a trip on a train to Southampton, boards a car transport ship and makes it’s way to the Halifax Auto Port where it will board another train to somewhere outside Toronto.  If all goes will that takes 20 to 30 days.

That means we could actually have the MINI by December!  Early Christmas gift for Scott and me?

Surprising given we were originally going to be locked into a November production date.  It’s very nice to see us brought up early to October.

Now Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics has the following schedules from Southampton to Halifax.  If production happens as I think it will, then I am guessing the car will be on the November 2nd or 8th sailing on the Tombarra or Toledo.  October 25th would be too aggressive, but if production does mean that it’s coming off the production line as of today or tomorrow (22nd or 23rd), then it could mean we are on the Torrens!

You can enter your VIN in the Cargo ID field and it will confirm the ship, port of entry, etc…

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